Empowerment Sessions



images that scream all the things that should be second nature to you, but aren’t. . .
things like:
you are beautiful
you can do hard things
you are smart


images to quiet the other voices in your head
images to remind you exactly who you are:
perfectly whole
beautiful and free

“it is time for you to receive the love that is here for you”

This is so much more than a photo session.
It is a one day retreat that will shock you with its power to transform your confidence and kickstart an EMPOWERED life.

Feel seen right down to your soul.

And LOVE everything you find there.

What's included?

When we promise a day all about you, this is what we mean.

+  we send you a detailed pre-session questionnaire specifically designed to plan your empowerment
+  our personal stylist will create a style board based entirely on how you WANT to feel so that you can step into that feeling the moment you arrive
+  your stylist will pull gorgeous clothing in luxurious fabrics for you to wear during the shoot so you are surrounded by beautiful colours and textures so you look and feel gorgeous
+  our expert hair and makeup artists will make your unique features pop and provide
advice so you can recreate your original looks in as much, or as little, time as you choose to invest
+  we will carefully select photo shoot locations and props to reflect your personality
and passions so you can feel 100% authentic in front of the camera
+  Anastasia will walk you through an hour long coaching session to help you change your
mind about your worth, and use this knowledge to bring joy and authenticity to
every aspect of your life

+  Anastasia and her team will lead you through two empowering photo sessions, entirely
for you, where you will feel your beauty right down to your bones
+  the afternoon hours will include one additional mini branding or friends and family
photo session perfect for social media and marketing or for sharing with your tribe
+  delicious locally catered snacks and meals are provided throughout the day to
nourish your body without you having to lift a finger – not one
+  you will receive an hour long follow up self-worth and confidence coaching session so
you can sustain your brave new beauty long after the retreat is over
+  you will receive gifts curated for you by the women entrepreneurs of Whistler, a
splurge on luxury items you wouldn’t normally indulge in, but you probably should
+  best of all, you will receive a library of 100 professionally edited images of you looking confident and beautiful that you can use to launch a new chapter in your personal life, pursue a new career direction, or simply return to your authentic self

Who is this for?

This is for YOU if you are ready to reap the rewards of living a life where you take credit for your accomplishments, acknowledge your inner strength and embrace your incomparable beauty.

This is for you if you know you need to invest in yourself so that you can enjoy the freedom and choices that come with understanding your personal worth.

This is perfect for you if you want to take advantage of the opportunity for an additional mini session: choose from a friends and family shoot, or product, service, or personal branding shoot to create a library for marketing and social media in a 100% supportive environment.

More than the photos though, this is a retreat: a celebration of you – no occasion required, a day to get pampered, a day to remember exactly who you are.

Every person deserves this. It’s all covered. You are in excellent hands.

“All the details were taken care of, even the ones you didn’t even know were important.”

A sample day

We do not have set times for the Empowerment Sessions. We dedicate the whole day just for you. What we do varies, but here’s what your day might look like:

9:30am – head to our favourite local coffee shop for your favourite morning beverage
10am – arrive at our studio to meet the team, there will be breakfast and fresh juice waiting for you
10:30am – enjoy hair, makeup, and wardrobe fitting
12pm – studio headshots (1st outfit)
1:00pm – first outdoor location (2nd outfit)
1:30pm – back at the studio for lunch and coaching with Anastasia
3pm – second outdoor location (3rd outfit)
4pm – branding photos of your product or bring your friends or family for a mini session
6pm – depart with hugs and your gifts curated for you by amazing local entrepreneurs

You've always been worth it

Maybe now is the time to remember that.

“I want to thank Anastasia and her team for being so amazing the day of my shoot. They customized the day to suit me from the live wood shelving and succulents to the chocolate covered almonds. They allowed me to be so comfortable and I was able to be my complete self the entire time. Anastasia was vulnerable and open about her story and it allowed me to open up about my own. The shoot and the entire day got me out of my shell and I have been soaring ever since. Thank you ladies!"

“My day felt very much like a group of my closest girlfriends came together to dress me up, feed me, love on me and take pictures of the whole thing. All the details taken care of, even the ones you didn’t even know were important. Everyone who was involved in the day brought another layer of love and joy to the whole experience, like it had been perfectly choreographed and arranged ahead of time with each showing up at the exact right moment to share their special part."

“This experience was far more than just a "photo shoot." It was a powerful bonding experience between women. I was able to let loose and let the real woman inside of me shine through....uninhibited, raw and my true self! I would recommend this experience for any and every woman who wants to spend a day getting to know her true self that much better. For the women who enjoy bonding and spending time with powerful, gentle, compassionate, successful and professional women. I was a changed woman after this day of shooting with Anastasia, Jessie and Colleen."

"I had been wondering what I could do to celebrate the end of two and a half years of cancer treatments and honour the journey I have been through. A way to enter this new chapter of my life, also having recently turned 50, with compassion, wisdom, strength & grace. Anastasia, Jessie and Colleen were so wonderful and kind. I felt at ease and had one of the most beautiful days ever. It reminded me of the importance of self care, to take time for me, to be open & share my story. My first inclination was to be self critical & see all my flaws. When I showed my husband the photos, some of his favourites were the ones I was criticizing. I saw crow’s feet when I am smiling hard but he saw pure joy... and that is what I wanted. To quiet the inner critic & celebrate the real me."


Bare your self worth.

See the beauty others see in you.


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Why Work With Me?

As an entrepreneur’s daughter, I’ve often felt that business is in my blood. It was my Dad who loaned me my first camera, and I fell instantly in love with photographing people: their character, expressions, and interactions. It opened a whole new world for me of beauty, truth and reflection.

It wasn’t until I had my own kids that I considered photography as a career. I wrote my first business plan on the back of colouring sheets in crayon, and I felt lucky to have found a creative pursuit I could combine with my passion for collaborative business.

Still, for a few years, I waded through the creative confusion of who I thought I had to be, and who I wanted to be as a photographer. Deciding to be the photographer I wanted to be, photographing real people in authentic moments, and forgoing overly posed or trendy shots, defined my photography style and ushered in a decade of personal and professional fulfillment.

Building a network of people with shared values and interests, and being relentlessly loyal, generous and curious opened up a new passion in me for mentoring women. In 2016, I launched two new women-centred businesses, just months before I was diagnosed with cancer.

And life went a little upside down…

My regular routine of coffee with friends, photographing beautiful young couples and loving families, travelling around the world on adventures with my family, and being on the mountain with my kids quickly became doctor visits, surgeries, chemotherapy, hospitals, strict diets, needles and…wig shopping? My body felt like an alien to me, something that had turned against me, something that I couldn’t trust.

I remember thinking about my career when I got sick, and I wondered if I would still want to do photography when it was over. And then I came back to work still wondering…and I fell in love with photography all over again – mostly because I found a way to pair it with another passion – collaborating with women entrepreneurs, coaching, mentoring and empowering people to take the life-changing step of following their truth.

What brought it all together? The Empowerment Sessions.

It took illness to remind me to slow down again and to do this life with ALL of me, but you don’t need to have an illness to show up for yourself this way. You already have a perfectly good reason to follow your heart. It works!

Jessica who was just through her cancer treatment and hating her short hair (which I can totally relate to), looked me in the eye at the end of her Empowerment session and said: “I feel beautiful for the first time in a long time.”


I see you. I see you whether you’re just starting out, trying to change direction, or just finding your way back to someone you used to be. You’ve never been more beautiful than you are this moment.

I can’t wait to help you embrace that.

It’s not a selfish act. In fact, it’s what you need to share more of yourself.

Kick start a new routine of putting yourself first.

It’s not a selfish act. In fact, it’s what you need to share more of yourself.