Entrepreneur Mentoring

When I was growing in my career, I wish I had someone who was willing to share the successes and failures. Someone who was open about the struggle of life balance. Someone who warned me about bookkeeping and taxes. Someone who could instil the passion and see the potential in me that I wasn’t even dreaming about.

Let me be that someone for you.

Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

In mentoring sessions, my goal is to focus on your vision and the things that inspire you to do great things. You don’t have to walk through this alone to be successful. I’ll be open and transparent about the mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them, I’ll encourage you to use your talents and passions to solve challenges in creative ways, and I may even be more excited than you when you succeed.

This three-hour long session is a freewheeling, deep dive into you and your business. The direction is up to you. We can examine your pricing, word of mouth referrals, email marketing, product development, or potential market opportunities. Together we will create a clear plan for the next phase of your business’ growth that take into account your lifestyle and personality, and I’ll help streamline your workflow with smart strategies and apps I’ve tested in my own businesses.

Sometimes you don’t need someone with all the answers. You need someone who can ask the right questions. Someone to talk to other than your significant other who will match your enthusiasm for your business and cheer you on. Someone who can see potential challenges before you invest too much time and energy into them. I am here for the messy, passionate, creative, authentic entrepreneurs, because it doesn’t matter so much what you are doing as much as how you are doing it.

Topics we can cover:

  • Define and embrace who you are as a creative entrepreneurIdentify how your creativity will drive your business
  • Identify a wish list of experiences and craft an action plan to support your goals
  • Make a plan for delegating just about anything
  • Understand your target market, competition, and industry trends
  • Attract more of the clients you want with clear messaging
  • Assess where you are spending your time and streamline your workflow
  • Plan, review, and/or improve your website
  • Define your social media presence and develop an effective social media plan
  • Troubleshoot anything holding you back so you can move forward with confidence
  • $650

    One-on-One Mentoring for Photographers

    A private, all-day mentoring session tailored specifically for photographers including business coaching, a portfolio review, tips for developing your unique style and a styled shoot for hands-on learning. Together we will plan a mini, styled model or product shoot in studio/or outside with natural light where you will get a chance to take creative risks, practice new techniques and make beautiful mistakes.


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