I hope what you see in my images is something different, nothing too matching, nothing overall posed. A moment of grace that catches you by surprise, a detail that makes you feel something beyond what you see in the image.

That’s my primary objective

with wedding photography, to make you feel something every time you look at your images. I know that the latest trend will be the last thing on your mind when you look at your photos 10 years from now. I also know that being deeply connected in the community, carrying supplies for any emergency and caring like family are the key to creating images full of emotion and personality that you will fall in love with.





I’m convinced that your beauty isn’t on the surface, but in the way that you love, laugh and hold yourself when you think no one is looking. I will never ask you to pose or do anything that doesn’t feel 100% natural to you.



I will be two steps ahead of you always - holding tissues, drying flowers before they drip on dresses, and clearing paths so I can document you moving freely and unselfconsciously through your day.



I will make space for you to be you, and that means you may forget that I’m there until you see in your photos that I was deep undercover, capturing things exactly how you want to remember them from the most beautiful perspective.



You inspire me. Documenting your story, traditions, family and friends are more important to me than staging complicated photo opportunities.



Beauty is everywhere, but your inner radiance, emotion and originality shine through when you feel as though you’ve been seen unconditionally. I will witness you this way.


like family

I love hearing that I blended into an occasion like a family member or good friend. I am there for you, exclusively. If that means shovelling a snowbank or steadying your Nana, I will do that for you, all while snapping photos with my other hand.



A day in my life when I’m not shooting may take me from scouting a location, to collaborating with a stylist, to having coffee at the kitchen table of your wedding planner. I love being a part of such a talented and collaborative wedding community. We’re in each other’s phone favourites, and we truly can serve you better as a team.

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read a letter  from Anastasia.

I often go missing at dinner parties, only to be found much later lost in the photographs lining a staircase or inventing stories to go with the family photo wall. It’s a habit I learned early on. When I was little I spent a lot of time with my two Nanas. Nana number one loved her dogs and let me make mud pies at the river near her house. Nana number two loved photos; they lined her walls and shelves – snapshots of her kids and grandbabies and, best of all, photos of my mom. I used to stand in the hallway imagining the stories that surrounded them. Some I was old enough to remember, and others I had to make up. Sometimes one of my aunts would come by and tell me this or that about one of the photos.

Sometimes I liked the stories in my head more. There was one photo of my Mom that I loved the most. Resting her face on one hand and smiling, she just looked so beautiful and carefree and alive. It took me years to ask my Nana if I could have that photo. And now, almost 30 years after my Mom died, her photo sits on my family wall and my own kids ask questions about her. And, they ask about my handsome Dad in the photo that sits next to it – the one where he’s standing on the river after the flood. He’s holding a coffee mug and wearing this amazing sweater. Just looking at it, I can smell him…dirt and coffee. I love that photo. I wish he still had that sweater.

When I started to travel, it was my Dad who loaned me my first camera. I photographed film – rolls and rolls of grainy, beautiful, black and white film taken throughout Thailand, India, and into Europe. I wasn’t drawn to the buildings or the landscapes, but to the people – the lines in peoples faces, their character, expressions, and interactions.

Maybe it’s here that I’m supposed to tell you that it was those photos and experiences that made me want to be a photographer. Maybe it was. I don’t know when the exact moment was that I decided this would be my life course. It wasn’t until I had my own kids that I considered photography as a career. And even then, for a long time, I was just a mom with a camera. I had two little boys who were showing me the world through children’s eyes and I was along for the ride, hoping to capture a few pieces of it.

Somewhere in the midst of babies, late night photoshop tutorials online, and a move to Whistler – the phone started ringing. People started asking me to take their photos. Somehow in the evenings drinking red wine with my husband, a business plan was created, written on the backs of coloring sheets in crayon. And somewhere in the last 10 years, I waded through the creative confusion of who I thought I had to be, and who I wanted to be as a photographer. And somehow I came to this – I am still a girl who loves photos, who still loves to stare at family walls in houses and make up stories about them, who would have continued to take photos even if it hadn’t become my career.

I used to think it was because of loss that I became what I am – that losing my mom at the age of nine made me want to capture memories for people. But it’s not loss – it’s life – that inspires me. Living a life I want to remember, and that I want my kids and my grandbabies to remember. hope you like the stories you see here, and I hope you might let me capture your memories for you. Xo


...and an introduction to

The Whistler Wedding Collective

Whatever your style, my associates and I think a little differently about love and relationships and that shapes everything we do for you on your wedding day.

We take a holistic and hands-on approach to wedding photography, one that allows you to fully enjoy your day as it unfolds knowing you are most beautiful when you are supported and relaxed.

We are there for you exclusively, from your pre wedding jitters all the way through to when your shoes come off for the last dance.

meet the collective

We respectfully acknowledge that we live, work and play with our families on the unceded Stl'atl'imc and Lil'wat territory.
We invite you to read more on our Anti-Racism & Inclusion Policies here.


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